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In order to fight back against political polarization, we all need to learn more about how our own behavior is perceived by others, how to avoid trolls and other extremists, and how to identify other users with whom we can find common ground.

What Do Your Posts Say About Your Politics?

How Do Your Political Views Compare To Others?

Use Our Bots to Step Outside Your Echo Chamber

Where Is There Room for Compromise?


How Strong is Your Echo Chamber?

Are You Being Trolled?

Social Media Bipartisanship Leaderboard

Explore The Echo Chamber

Why don't you make apps that work with Facebook?

Unfortunately, Facebook does not currently allow researchers like us to produce tools on their platform that allow us to help people fight political polarization

What if I think your apps are wrong?

Our apps are based upon years of scientific research described on the "research" page above. But research can always be improved! If you think there are some flaws in our tools, we want to know (contact us at the link above).

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