Our research suggests that stepping outside your echo chamber can make you more polarized not less. This is in part because we all tend to focus on the most extreme voices from the other side. Other research we've done indicates that following moderate members of the other political party can help us understand and empathize with people on the other side more effectively. 

For Liberals

Follow the bot below to expose yourself to moderate conservatives

For Conservatives

Follow the bot below to expose yourself to moderate liberals



We identify prominent accounts to retweet by examined the rates with which the messages they produce are "liked" by members of the opposing political party. We track these scores using our proprietary panel of Republican and Democrats.



Studies indicate that most people find that exposing themselves to moderate members of the other party is less difficult than they think. Such exposure may also help people take the perspective of those with whom they do not agree, or at least learn how to "agree to disagree." We recommend taking some time to learn what moderate people on the other side care about before you begin engaging with them. And as you begin to engage with those on the other side, consider using our issue tracker to identify the topics where you are most likely to find compromise. 


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